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Mobile Connectivity

Our multi-network SIM cards provide the best network coverage possible, ensuring you can connect to anything, anywhere, at any time.

The Iot Works via Machine-to-machine communication (M2M)

If a machine can signal its requirements without intervention, processes can be streamlined significantly. The more data a device can generate and send independently; the greater

the potential efficiencies.

Aggregated Data

Our SIMs share a pooled data allowance across the business, helping to eliminate unwelcome data coverage charges from a handful of high usage SIMs.

"Some 30 billion objects may be connected to the Internet of Things

by 2020"1

The Power of 4G

We use 4G connectivity for the fastest speeds available in the UK, so you can run the most demanding business applications in more areas.

Built for Business

We use the best business grade networks in the UK, so you can be confident in the reliability of our services.


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Carrier Pre Selection

CPS is the process of analysing, selecting and directing the path of outbound and inbound communications traffic, depending on which path delivers the best rates. CPS is available with PSTN, ISDN, SIP and hosted telephony.

Multi Vendor SIP Trunking

SIP trunking connects your telephone system directly onto our network via an IP connection; your inbound and outbound voice calls will be carried and terminated across the public telephone network. Our solution provides a highly flexible alternative to ISDN and is designed to work with all the leading telephone systems in the UK market.

Save Money

IP connectivity costs less than ISDN with lower call costs, free internal calls between extensions and offices and lower line rental costs for multi sites.

Line Rationalisation

For businesses with multiple sites, SIP trunking provides line rationalisation and provides flexibility in terms of the number of channels that you need to maintain

all with full control of the numbers associated with your business.

"BT will remove the

ISDN network by 2025"1

Skype for Business

Our SIP Trunks can be connected directly to Skype for Business, enabling your business to make external calls from the platform.

Business Continuity

If your office has been temporarily relocated following an emergency, your SIP trunks can quickly be redirected to a new destination effi ciently and easily to minimise disruption to your business.

Resilience & Adaptability

SIP trunking provides a phone service that can adapt to your requirements, either catering for remote staff or if you need to balance calls between sites during peak hours.


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Stay Connected

For the business user we can ensure near-continuous mobile connectivity with unique UK roaming capability, which means that if the primary network fails your mobile device will roam for the next strongest signal.

Mobiles have recently overtaken desktops as the most used platform for browsing the internet1

Value Driven Solutions

Our bespoke solutions will prioritise based on your requirements whilst ensuring best value and lower costs for your mobile telephony.

Business Continuity

Our mobile solutions can easily integrate with hosted infrastructure via easy to use Apps to provide business continuity when you are away from the office.

24/7/365 Support

UK-based, dedicated service team available to address customer

queries all day, every day.

Usage Analysis

We will analyse your current mobile estate and design a bespoke solution including shared minutes, shared text and/or shared data, as well as a range of contract terms.

Hardware Provision & Customer Support

We supply a large number of mobile devices and can give you access to new releases from Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry, fully supported by our UK-based technical support team.


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Hosted telephony removes the requirement for a physical telephone system and replaces this with a cloud based system that can be managed by you directly.

Never Miss a Call

Call forwarding to manage incoming calls more effectively

Call waiting ensures you are ready to take the next call

Auto attendant with menu options for call routing to make your business as effective as possible

Voicemail, including playing messages from your desktop

Work efficiently & securely

Quick dial short codes for your everyday numbers

Use Do Not Disturb and block anonymous calls to protect your precious time

Use three way calling to quickly set up conference calls

Click to dial, easily makes a call through user interface or client

Always in control

Easy to use interface providing feature control and invaluable user information.

Set up call groups, office hours and music on hold

Track and bar unauthorised calls

Monitor inbound and outbound call activity

Enable call recording for compliance and training purposes

Hosted telephony involves sending voice information in digital form in discrete packets, rather than by using the public telephone network. A major advantage of VoIP and Internet telephony is that it avoids

the tolls charged by ordinary telephone service.

Hosted telephony allows for:

Unified communications

Mobile & flexible working

Security & fraud prevention

Call pre-selection

Hosted telephony includes the maintenance of the telephone system within the monthly licence charge.

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Flexible Services

Cloud hosting is a flexible service providing tangible cost savings from cloud computing, including virtual servers, a virtual shared platform, and Software as a Service (SaaS) provision of services such as Office 365.

IT Outsourcing

We provide IT outsourcing, cloud and managed services.

We ensure business continuity and optimisation whilst managing existing infrastructure or providing a fully outsourced solution. We understand

the importance of day-to- day IT operations helping our customers to embrace innovation and drive growth.

Proactive Solutions

We can help identify your company goals, assist with a complimentary IT plan and help you to execute it, choosing the right system tools, projects and hardware to help you to get there.

"More than half of all the data created by organisations is stored in the cloud"1


We offer a full range of Application Outsourcing Services covering application management, development and maintenance. Our relationships with the major software and hardware providers enable us to continually incorporate innovations in areas such as cloud, analytics and mobility.


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Fast and reliable internet access is seen as business critical for all organisations. Whether it’s creating a multi-site MPLS network or ADSL broadband, we will provide a bespoke solution, using services from the top network providers in order to meet your business requirements.

4G Broadband

A perfect disaster recovery solution for your business. SIM enabled routers allow you to run your business from mobile networks.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

A business-grade, uncontended solution, EFM offers a lower cost alternative option and can achieve upload and download speeds of up to 20MB.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

A contended service available to 1,600 telephone exchanges throughout the UK. Fibre is delivered to the local cabinet, which can result in download speeds of up to 80MB and upload speeds of up to 20MB. FTTC may also be available with a service level agreement (SLA).

"In the past 3 years,

average internet

speeds have doubled

from 12MB/s to

24MB/s" 1

Fibre/Direct Access

Our dedicated internet access circuits range from 1MB per second to 10GB per second. Guaranteed uptime of 99% and 6 hour SLAs. All services come with a managed router and are proactively monitored 24/7.

We only use business-grade providers of connectivity to the internet, ensuring:

•Access to multiple carriers •Greater resilience

•Service Level Agreements (SLAs) •Improved cost efficiency •Breadth of choice


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We can help you reduce your business energy bills by assessing your current gas and electricity usage and contract and recommend how you can make improvements.

Electricity Procurement

Our UK based customer service team takes care of switching, saving you time and money. Switching energy suppliers can be daunting, but we make it easy. Almost 80% of our customers save a minimum of 18% when they switch electricity suppliers with us.

Switching energy supplier offers even more benefits to businesses operating across multiple premises. We can help you align your contract end dates and suppliers so that,

in the future, all of your energy contracts can be renewed at the same time. This can substantially reduce your administrative burden,

saving you time and resources.

Gas Procurement

Our expert service makes it easy for you to get a better deal for your business gas. Comparing the UK gas markets can be time consuming and sometimes extremely confusing to know which tariff and supplier to choose. Achieving the lowest business gas prices can make a significant difference to your balance sheet.

We provide instant business gas prices from all our major suppliers. We compare the whole market instantly and present you with the lowest gas prices for your needs. Our advisors have helped thousands of customers to beat their current gas tariffs and renewal rates, saving as much as 70%.

We will provide:

• A no-obligation assessment of

your energy contract based on

your current usage and price

• An unbiased brokerage service

with the top 14 energy suppliers

checked as standard, including

green energy providers

• Service entirely provided

and managed by the energy

company so nothing changes

• First bill accuracy checks to

ensure that the correct rates

have been applied

• Monitoring of contract end

dates to ensure you don’t revert

to costly standard rates

• Forward contracting: Buy at

"Gas and electricity prices have risen by 151% since 2004" 1

today’s prices for up to five

years to mitigate against future

price increases


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