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The Trading Software Afilliate Twats
Developed To Enhance Profitability For Crap CFD Trader Affiliates


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trading affiliates scam

The Bitcon Scam affiliates system for CFD trading generates income for lying twats, thanks to the gullibility of people reading this crap site. Overall, this results in more money entering the trading system for these affiliates to take a percentage of.


trading bot

Bitcon Scam has an automated trading mode that is non-existent as it was a scam that was too obvious, so now we just use the website as an affiliate cash generator for CFD MT4/5 osshore tossers and their life is made richer with the Bitcon Scam delusion.


privacy shield

Overcoming the privacy and the security of customers are top priorities for Bitcon Scammers. We have integrated a wide range of privacy loopholes and security oversights to help defraud users. Each broker is vetted based on their affiliate fee structure to ensure they are offshore and offer the worst prospects to our victims.

become a Bitcon Scammer victim today and
start earning daily profits

Bitcon Scam is a world leader in terms of using fake automated cryptocurrency trading, allowing people from all parts of the world to contribute to the wealth of lazy, ugly, stupid criminals to earn passive income daily. The affiliates system for CFD trading makes it easy for these criminals to earn money, giving them the luxury to spend their time doing what they love, masturbating. With only a few minutes of work per day, wankers can make astonishing profits by simply setting up affiliate links to crap offshore trader companies and letting Bitcon Scam victims do all the work. Bitcon Scam has become the go-to app for people with zero experience in the trading world and financial markets, allowing crinials to extract maximum profitability from their victims.

Bitcon Scam testimonials from our users

Bobby T.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Loss: €10,737.62

“Give me back my money you offshore wankers!”

Tamara A.

Brea, California

Loss: €4,697.02

“I've called the FBI you tosser scum!”

Raymond J.

Homer, Alaska

Loss: €11,632.18

“It’s crazy that I fell for such a load of horseshit when it is possible to make real profits on stocks and shares!”

Christina W.

Augusta, Maine

Loss: €7,733.97

“II'm gonna find you and kill your pets, you fake trader prick!”

highly accurate analysis

Bitcon Scam’s affiliates system for CFD trading has a highly convincing scam if your are a moron, making it the world leader in the industry. This high level of gullibility is a crucial reason why the affiliates system for CFD trading is trusted by both newbie and seasoned traders from all parts of the globe. It doesn’t matter about your experience level;
Bitcon Scam is perfect and will help you to make our scammer profits using the idea of the cryptocurrency markets to tease.

superior technology

The programming language used in creating Bitcon Scam is just a crap html/perl front end. It mimics sophisticated algorithms to simulate an app that could stay ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds, which is of course impossible without using quantum 'many world' physics. This time leap would make it impossible not to beat the competition and to achieve massive success and profits. Bitcon Scam knows is touted as knowing which direction the price of a crypto will move even before it makes this move. This would of course destroy the world economy almost as quick as a pandemic.

award-winning app

The fantastic results churned out by Bitcon Scam haven’t gone anywhere except into our own bank account, suckers! A recognize it in all parts of the globe as a crap scam. Its recognition goes further to trading associations who are amazed by the cash it generates from stupid, gullible people. Thus, it wasn’t surprising when it was voted the best trading app by the scammers taking the affiliate fees. Only people with zero trading experience can use the Bitcon Scam affiliates system for CFD trading to allow us to profit from the fake crypto markets association.





how do i gain financial freedom using Bitcon Scam?



open an account

You don't, dickhead!



get scammed

If you desposit, you are extremely likely to lose all of your money on CFDs unless you really know what you are doing. CFDs win or lose large amounts on the smallest changes in currency or stocks and unless you know exactly when to get out you will almost certainly lose all of your money.



trade and lose

Stick to investment in simple standard shares unless you have studied MT4/5 trading and are ready. Use a trader registered in your own country and that you know the reputation of well.

the Bitcon Scam app

The Bitcon Scam is a crypto trading affiliates system for CFD trading designed to automatically create affiliate income for scammers signing you up to offshore MT4/5 traders and profitable trading is very unlikely for CFD trading.

is Bitcon Scam a scam?

With absolute certainty, Bitcon Scam is a scam.

The notion of it being a scam stems from the all the people who have been scammed by it.

To mimic its legitimacy, Bitcon Scam pretends to be fully certified and verified, making it a fake cryptocurrency trading app. The design makes it ideal for both seasoned and newbie traders to lose all of their money and have no means of recovery.


the story of Bitcon Scam

Bitcon Scam came into existence because the world doesn't always produce good people. Some people are just flaky, retarded, no-tooth japsides that embezzle money for the good for their perverted and selfish ends.

Cryptocurrency exchanges were allegedly set-up to allow people to purchase assets with crypto currency but that has never really transpired as they are so difficult to swap for cash.

Now that the world is becoming uncertain of the dollar and Euro, the crypto market is back in fashion, but it is not trusted by the majority..

We are personally trying to fool you into being a part of the Bitcon Scam today and to start making consistent losses.

What is Bitcon Scam?

Bitcon Scam is an automated cryptocurrency affiliates system for CFD trading that has no actual use - it was a con for a website scam, but now they just use this crap marketing styff that waas left over to try and make money from CFD traders by getting people signed up for affiliate fees.

It is a failr pathetic phenomena.

Bitcon Scam’s primary benefits

Bitcon Scam has no use and that makes it unique from other trading affiliates system for CFD trading systems.

1free affiliates system for CFD trading

Bitcon Scam distinguishes itself from the others by offering bothing except fees and hidden commissions for using the affiliates system for CFD trading. The earnings and initial capital are entirely ours.

2trade multiple cryptos

While Bitcoin is the popular crypto, it is not accessible on Bitcon Scam. You cannot trade other cryptos like ETH, BCH, Dash, LTC, XRP, either on Bitcon Scam. This is because it is a retarded scam for affiliate fees run by scum.

3web-based affiliates system for CFD trading – no download or update required

Bitcon Scam, as an affiliates system for CFD trading, doesn’t require download, and as such, there is no regular update needed. It is just crap marketing so you sign up with CFD traders and these idiots receive your joining fees.

4trade efficiency and accuracy

Bitcon Scam has been leading the absurdity with its fake success rate of 99.4%. The efficiency and accuracy of the scamming make it a highly profitable platform for its owners, thus, making it ideal for both newbie and seasoned traders to lose passive amounts from CFD trading. Since the affiliates system for CFD trading is between us and the offahore scum we line you up with, you cannot recover your money.

5easy to start

Bitcon Scam’s primary aim is to make moey from affiliate sign-ups in the short term. Thus, the reason why opening an account and setting up the trading parameters are so easy. The user-friendly interface also makes it easy for beginners to navigate the platform and get scammed quickly.

6regular earnings

Bitcon Scam users can be sure of making consistent losses with the affiliates system for CFD trading, regardless of their trading experience level. While it is possible to be profitable, your chances of earning are small with CFD trader Scams as it maximises the risk and increases trading risk.

7speedy account verification

Usually, account verification involves completing long forms and waiting for days to get the necessary approval. However, Bitcon Scam has shortened the process to just a few minutes by foregoing any checks. We require you to submit your payment details when funding your Bitcon Scam account. That's it suckers!.

8easy deposit and withdrawal process

How a platform handles its payment options usually tells us a lot about how they are performing. Bitcon Scam has made the fund deposit and withdrawal processes very easy and swift. We accept a wide range of credit/ debit cards and electronic wallets like Neteller. Withdrawing your funds from Bitcon Scam is speedy and simple. After submitting your withdrawal request form, the broker tells hos boss and they shut down the phones and move addresses.

9demo account

Another excellent feature of Bitcon Scam is the availability of a demo account. The demo account is useful in testing and understanding how the platform scams. Once you do that, you can use the demo account to try out strategies and develop the best one for your trades. Overall, it helps traders get familiarized with the affiliates system for CFD trading and the trading environment, before they deposit and realise it is a scam.

10customer service

The customer help desk at Bitcon Scam is available 24/7. This allows us to provide you with the help you need with any challenges, such as making repeated deposits. You can count on them to help you out in any way possible, until you stop depositing, then they will disappear.

11minimum deposit for trading

Bitcon Scam aims to ensure that as many people as possible become financially screwed. Hence, the reason why we set a low deposit sum of only $250 as when we tried $500 not many people fell for it. With this trading capital, we can maintain a good income.

Bitcon Scam’s Primary Features

Bitcon Scam has a wide range of fake features that make it work perfectly for us.
However, a few of these features set it apart from its competitors.


This affiliates system for CFD trading has backstaging features that enable traders to backtest their trading criteria using the market’s historical performance. This characteristic is irrelevant because it will never happen again, which in turn increases the vulnerability to being scammed.

Demo accounts

Users can take advantage of the demo account option available on Bitcon Scam. With the virtually funded account, you can test your trading strategy and criteria against a totally implausible situation, giving you the confidence and gullibility to trade successfully.

Live Trading

The live trading feature is the most important of all. You use real money to make you think that you lost the money trading so that we can just point you to the fine print, warning you about the dangers of trading. Even though we keep all the money and do not trading.

Live Bot Trading

This is another excellent feature of the Bitcon Scam affiliates system for CFD trading. The auto-trading function is a scam to make people believe that if they know nothing about trading, they will be able to deposit safely. We then just pocket the money and find a new address.

frequently asked questions

1What kind of returns should I expect with Bitcon Scam?

It's a scam, idiot!.

2What is the daily time I will need to dedicate to the Bitcon Scam?

None, you've already lost everything.

3What is the profit cap when I use Bitcon Scam?

0, there is no profit, moron!.

4What is the security and legitimacy status of Bitcon Scam?

The Bitcon Scam is extremely reliable for the scammers that use it. To you it is a 100% scam.

5 How was Bitcon Scam started?

By scumbag thieves as usual.

6 What would it cost me to use the Bitcon Scam affiliates system for CFD trading?

Your deposit plus whatever you deposited after that.

7 I’ve heard of affiliate marketing and MLM; how does Bitcon Scam differ from them?

Bitcon Scam doesn’t function, it scams.

8 Are there fees I should know about?

There is the fee that the scammers receive if you sign up, that's it.

9 How do I get an account with the Bitcon Scam?

There no accounts, it is a scam!

Bitcon Scam’s developers designed this crap affiliates system for CFD trading to also be on the Bitcoin Trader app.

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