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The Bitcoin Prime is a group of scammers trying to defraud people around the world using offshore unregulated CFD broker/scammers.

Bitcoin Prime Scammers spend every day trying to stay free of the clutches of the FBI and SFO.

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  • Laura Abenstein
    I was born into a big bag of shit and now spend my time trying to take it out on other people by scamming!
  • Joey Feldman
    I've just always been a vicious greedy bastard.
  • Michael Zusman
    If people are so retarded that they believe this then why shouldn't I tie them up and fuck them hard?
  • Paulo Fonzi
    Money is hard and we are hard, so we take yours!
  • Lewis H.
    I don't care about prison, I just need fast cars and pussy!!!
  • Chris Hadid
    I cannot remember a time when I didn't know how to scam these gullibe retards!
  • Daniel Pelts
    The end is nigh ao I am gonna fly!
  • Magda Boltyanski
    I love watching these idiots ddrive to work every morning.
  • Carl Edwards
    I'll defraud anyone if there's money in it!
Meet Steve FcKay The Genius Behind The Bitcoin Prime

Hi - I’m an ex-con and criminal.

I created a scam that is working well so far.

There is no software really!

I will scam as long as I can!

Your Fiend,
Steve FcKay

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