Ready to Start Being Screwed Dicko? We use the 'Crypto Soft App' Scam to Officially Hang You Out to Dry!

Trading is a complex activity that requires a lot of focus, patience, and skill. MT5 has been around for several years now, allowing users to trade many assets, such as currencies, bonds, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), and many others.

Give Us Your Details!

With the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009, we saw an opportunity to use this exciting and confusing new idea to defraud people by promising them wealth and then just stealing their money.

As time went by and we had to continually invent new products like Bitcoin London and Bitcoin Trader, and then move the operation to avoid being caught and detained by the authorities, we decided it was time for a change.

Thankfully, a solution came along recently: offshore, unregulated CFD brokers. These scammers are actually allowed in some counties like Australia and the UK and allow for a great little loophole. These traders regularly take all the money from 75% of all new customers! Suddenly we had a legitimate scam that we could sell to anyone. The only issue was that it was illegal to solicit these products to the US and Canada. So we invented Butthole Billionaire and all the rest of these stupid fake apps, so that no one would know we were soliciting illlegal products in North America. We just wrote in the T&Cs that investors needed to check it was legal in their country and we were protected!

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptos are electronic thingamajiggies that get people excited and we decided to use them to push our illegal broker scams onto the North American public.

Our offshore broker scammers keep a phone number in country (usually 0203 for the UK which is a VoIP number routed elsewhere) and pretend to be local.

Once we have gotten your details and checked you can deposit $250 we then terrorise you by phone until you have depositied all of your savings and then we dance around and have a party.


How Does Trading Work?

This is a sign that this product is a scam. No trading site would start explaining what trading was just before trying to sign you up.
  • Speculating on cryptocurrencies is highly risky.
  • This is the worst possible time as they may soon cease to exist or be swallowed up into a worldwide crypto currency.
  • The market is becoming more and more volatile due to these speculator MT5 apps and they need to be banned..

Cryptosoft is a load of bollocks, so beware..

What is CryptoSoft?

This is a fake auto-trading robot that can be used to defraud people who have no business on a trading floor. If you’re someone who wants to make money but doesn’t have the drive to do so, this app may be the perfect solution for us to rip you off.

CryptoSoft works by pretending to use advanced algorithms that look for appropriate trades at a particular point in time. If it finds a trade, it can pretend to execute it automatically on your behalf, which can save you some time monitoring the market. For this app to work properly, you need to provide your trading parameters so that it knows what to look for. If you’re a beginner, you don’t have to worry since this app was developed to go over each step of trading carefully. After you set up everything, you just need to click the “Trade” button, and you’re good to go!

Traders of zero skill level can use this trading robot. Whether you want to earn more without trading or get a magic tool that makes your trading more efficient, this is a great option for us to defraud you. You will believe that this is one of the most comfortable ways to get into trading for the first time since we pretend it doesn’t take much time from you, and it isn’t as stressful as traditional trading; this gives you more reasons to enter your details and enter a world of pain!

What Are the Benefits of Using CryptoSoft?

There are several other benefits besides saving time! We understand that trading can be a risky and stressful activity sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that it should always be like that. We made this app so that you could have a great experience regardless of your skills and goals.

You can read a list of all our benefits below. If you feel like one of these sounds right for you, we invite you to become a part of our trading community and start using the app!

It’s Simple to Use

One of the primary cons of trading is that it’s simple in concept but hard in execution. If you do not have an interest in how these types of things work, then stay well clear or you will get tied-up and shagged round the block by swines like cryptosoft.

It’s Suitable for Traders of Every Skill Levels

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader. This app doesn't exist as it is a way of tying you up with an unregulated offshore CFD broker who will do their best to defraud you even if you trade well, as they are under no legal obligation to ever return to you any money at all..

Can You Use It Anywhere?

No, it won't work on the Moon or underwater unless you have a submarine. It will work a few miles offshore but not as far offshore as the scumbag brokers we are about to try and hook you up with :)

Do You Have 100% Control Over Your Money?

Not after you sent it to us, butthole!.

You Don’t Have to Pay Extra Fees

No we just rip you off for everything we can and then we're gone before you manage to find out who we are.

You Can Trade Many Cryptocurrencies

You can switch between coins easily but selling for cask requires more registration and a test to be sure you know what you're doing.

It Was Developed With Advanced AI Technology

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) software’s not real. We just piss about with all of these websites trying to get our partners to defraud you. We take about £90m from the UK every year so we know what we're about.

Here’s How You Can Sign Up for CryptoSoft

Becoming a member of our trading community is as easy as ever! In only a few minutes you could be on your way to enjoying everything of what CryptoSoft has to offer. If you want to sign up, make sure to follow these steps carefully to avoid verification issues.

Step 1.
Create Your Account

The first step to becoming a member is verifying your new account. To do this, make sure to fill out our registration form below; for now, we only ask for your full name, e-mail address, and phone number.

After you send us everything, we’re going to get back to you with a confirmation e-mail. When you click on the verification link, your account is ready to use.

Step 2.
Fund Your Account

You need to invest some money if you want to start trading cryptos. If you’re just starting to trade, we recommend that you invest our recommended minimum so that you have a more pleasant trading experience the first time.

Step 3.
Input Your Trading Criteria

This is where the magic happens; you need to carefully input your trading parameters so that the software knows what it’s going to look for. Not everyone has the same style of trading, so you need to find yours. It may take you some time at first, but once you understand how every setting works, you’re going to be ready to trade in no time.

Step 4.
Start Trading

When you’re done with all the previous steps, you’re ready to start your new trading session. To begin, click on the “Trade” button, and the app is going to do the rest. We suggest that you check on the app every once in a while to ensure that it’s working as you want it to.

Whenever the app finds a good trade, it’s going to execute a buy/trade operation on your behalf, depending on your parameters.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some pending questions after reading all this information, and that’s completely normal. When it comes to trading, it’s important that you clear up as much information as possible so that you avoid making mistakes.

To make this easier for you, we put together a list of our most frequently asked questions; this way, you can clear up any additional questions you may have.

How Much Time Do You Need to Set Up the App?

Well you fill in the form and then we connect you to an offshore, illegal broker who will then proceed to defraud you, so your question is fine as it means you have no idea what we are about to do to you.

Can I Still Use This App If I Don’t Know Anything About Trading?

Yes of course! If you knew anything about trading you would never have arrived at a site like this. CryptoSoft App is a scam and anyone who has ever read a magazine or book about trading will recognise this as a scam immediately. We quite literally bank on you having no idea what you are doing.

Is It Appropriate to Start Trading Now?

'Trading' cryptocurrency? What do you mean? You can swap between currencies easily enough if you have the right wallets and use something like changelly but crypto takes time and effort to sell as you need to confirm a lot of your details before you can sell. This makes it a tricky commodity to get rid of at the right time and so it is not ideal for trading. In general the trend has been upwards so unless there is something serious on the horizon you would probably be hanging on to your coins for the time being.

Can I Change the Cryptocurrency I’m Currently Trading?

Absolutely! You can change your trading parameters with just a few clicks from within the app. We’re constantly adding support for new cryptocurrencies, but we can safely say that this app supports most popular cryptocurrencies on the market right now.

If you feel like a particular cryptocurrency is not working for you, you can do your research on which one has future potential and invest in it.

How Much Does the App Cost?

The CryptoSoft app doesnt actually exist. If it did then you could download it from the Google or Apple app stores. This is a scam to defraud people under the guise of CFD trading with offshore, unregulated brokers.

Start Trading With the Right Tools and Join Our Community!

Getting good at trading is not easy by any means; even if you use our app to improve the way in which you trade, you still have to research market behavior and trading strategies. If you do this, you can become more fluent with your trading in a shorter time.

Overall, this is a tool that can greatly help you if you’re looking for something that can take most of the stress factor off of you. If you’re ready to start, fill out our registration form!

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