(Mirror) - The seventeenth season of the "Dragon’s Den" is over and the viewers can look forward to very interesting products and ideas again, but one specific episode of the new season had to be taken offline. This episode is about a system with which the UK citizen can easily earn £7,380.10 from home - and that PER DAY. Yes, you read that right - per day.

Mirror has the video material of this episode and we will explain what it is about and why the producers wre banned from broadcasting this episode.

Mirror met Peter Jones, one of the investors in "Dragons' Den", he was very enthusiastic about the system. "It's an absolute shame that politicians are trying to shut this opportunity and want to keep the system secret. I hope it goes viral on the Internet and as many British as possible will use it for financial prosperity,"

The idea is simple: allow the average citizen to benefit from the corona-related fluctuation in the crypto price - even if there is no money for an investment or no know-how.

Every new user only needs to make a small investment of £190 to get the fully automated process going. An algorithm developed by the two friends selects the perfect time frame to buy crypto stocks cheaply and then sell them at a profit in order to maximize profit.

The two young entrepreneurs want to earn money with a small commission, but only if profits are being. The software is already estimated to have a value of over 20 million pounds.

In the video material from the show, which Mirror has, the "Dragons" are initially skeptical and do not believe the two computer scientists. Sentences like "if that really works, why is it not known or why not everyone is already doing it".

The computer scientists quickly make it clear that there is already a mega boom in the USA, but with software that automatically trades stocks and not oil. With oil, the profits are much higher and the risk is lower.

The Dragons remain skeptical until Peter Jones, the absolute expert in the circle of the Dragons for internet and technology, confirms that it was only a matter of time before someone developed this type of software.

He is also the first to test Bitcoin Sucker Live on the show.

"Of course I've heard of the crypto crash and the possibility of making tons of money with it, but I haven't bought or invested. You don't know exactly where to start if you're not familiar with crypto prices. Here it was very simple, I just deposited money with my credit card and the system takes care of everything else. " Thinks Peter.

After the deposit of £250, the trading platform started to buy crypto for cheap and sell it at a more expensive price. Peter's initial £190 increased to £323.18 in just three minutes, a profit of £133.18.

After just 8 minutes, the value increased to £398.29.

All the Dragons wanted to invest suddenly and a real competitive bidding war started. At the end of the show, Peter Jones had made £613.79 out of £190 with the automated software. No wonder that the "Elite" in UK doesn't want the ordinary citizen to earn money that easily. Mirror thinks EVERYONE should have the right and be able to use this opportunity.

We tested Bitcoin Sucker ourselves

First of all, we opened a free account with the reputable British broker Bitcoin Sucker.

Please ensure that you enter a real mobile phone number when registering, as the customer service will be happy to contact you to ensure that you will actually earn a lot of money.

The broker only makes money on you if you also make money, as the broker receives 1% from the successful trades. That means: If the customer loses money, the broker earns NOTHING! That is why you will be supported at all times.

After opening, please click on Deposit above. There you have several deposit options to start immediately!

Day 1

On the show, Peter made a profit of £133.18 after 3 minutes; it took a little longer for me. The platform only made a profit of £80.19 after about 30 minutes, still impressive! Until today I had no experience with oil, but I made a profit immediately with oil.

I spent about 5 minutes a day checking my results. After 1 day, my account has already shown a balance of £2,279. This is an incredible increase on my first deposit. I became a real fan of the platform.

Day 2

After 2 days my initial investment has grown to £4,930. At that point, I started thinking about what to spend the money on. I've effectively spent less than 30 minutes checking my account.

Day 3

I decided to cash out the winnings after 3 days just to test if it really works. I ended up with a profit of £7,380.10 and negative trades of £79.51 on the platform. I checked my trading history (my trading logs) and found that not every trade is profitable, some even lose money.

It's not a magic platform, but 92% of my trades have been profitable, so the result is more than satisfactory: a net profit of £7,300.59 on my initial deposit of £250. It took me less than 30 minutes of work per week and I had no experience in this area, either with crypto stocks or with any gadgets.

Ps. The money was in my account after three working days.

After 2 weeks

It went on like this every day, but I was now more reassured that it really works after the first payouts were transferred to my bank account. Now after just 2 weeks, Bitcoin Sucker has earned £41,497 for me. It's really breathtaking when you think about all the things that money can buy. Now I can finally fulfill our dream of many years to rebuild our garden for my wife and me.

Is the software also suitable for you? Our verdict:

Like us at Mirror you may be a little skeptical about money-making systems on the Internet. So were the Dragons before. Meanwhile everyone is enthusiastic and we can only recommend everyone to start this journey.

You will be enthusiastic. The software also offers a satisfaction guarantee. That means, if you are not satisfied, you will get your deposit back immediately.

Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Get Started:

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Deposit the minimum of £190
  3. Use the automated trading platform to earn profits around the clock!

Note: Registration is now closed to the public and only users who sign up through the form below will receive access to the software and dedicated personal investor

Step 1:Sign Up For A FREE Account

Step 3:Use the automated platform to earn profits around the clock!

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Kjetil Vandenbulcke
So guys it's my first week on The Bitcoin Sucker™. I got an invite to the system launch! So far it works great for me. In the first 5 days I've earned £3,200 and slowly growing :)
Like Reply98k 23 hrs
Vivianne Chan ·
Thanks for sharing your results, looks like it's worth giving it a go! :D
Like Reply252 1 min
Chris Tang
wow sound good bro
Like Reply226 3 min
Axel Guilloux ·
easy money on the internet could be finally possible with Bitcoin trading, right? :D
LikeReply 1894 min
Marcus Pullido ·
Oh boy, it's my second day and I have £4340 in my account. I love The Bitcoin Sucker™!
Like Reply387 3 hrs
Marcus Pullido ·
How does it work? How can you make trades?
LikeReply 2587 min
Marcus Pullido ·
Richard, it's autopilot. All you need to do is start autotrader. After that you can chill and watch money rolling in. Can't believe it, but it's that simple!
LikeReply 2279 min
Marcus Pullido ·
wow, sounds good! Count me in!
LikeReply 10211 min
Maria Moreno
haha, finally startups make something usefull not phone cases or other crap... See More
Like Reply2497 2 hrs
Luiza Azevedo Freitas ·
how can we fund it? :D
Like Reply571 15 min
Nicolai Mikkelsen ·
I believe these guys can fund themselves lol
Like Reply1389 18 min
Amanda Karpinski ·
oh boy I'd love to try it!
Like Reply1239 21 min
Cameron Morgan ·
Thats an epic idea! How could no one have ever thought of this before?
Like Reply430 4 hrs
Márcio Longo
Yes it's funny. Facebook, Twitter could do it themselves but they are just too stupid. They only care about boring ads... ...See More
Like Reply99 27 min
Beth Zaremba
The Bitcoin Sucker™, here I come! Best article on the Mirror News!
Like Reply64 30 min
Norikazu Kakishita ·
Is this available in Japan?
Like Reply98 33 min
Florian Di Martino ·
heh got an invite from my friend. I've been on The Bitcoin Sucker™ for 2 hours and currently have £740 in my account. So far looks good!
Like Reply1584 5 hrs
Ben Plunkett
Good luck m8! I'm here for four days and works perfect!
Like Reply696 35 min
Verônica Aguilera ·
Should I quit my college? And become full time autotrader? :D
Like Reply412 36 min
Arun Narayan
Thank you Katie Price for The Bitcoin Sucker™!
Like Reply795 36 min