Sent:                                               07 February 2022 06:14

To:                                                  Recipient

Subject:                                           Lloyds Bank - Your Internet Banking account has been suspended. - ( 801122168242  )


Hello, we have an important notice for you!

Dear customer email@domain.suffix , we have identified that your account is not synchronized with our security servers.

We recommend that you go through the sync procedure to keep your account safe and with all features active.

The process is fast, convenient and done completely online in a secure environment developed by our security center leaders.

Sync Now! Procedure Number: 96443830-LDBK

You are receiving this notification because you are a member of our customers, and you have accepted the security terms and notifications.
This notification is important to maintain an online notification system about your account security system.

07/02/2022 06:14:01