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Martin Lewis - Stay Away from Bitcoin!

'Brits Are Being Ripped off every day by unregulated offshore CFD brokers using Bitcoin as bait!'

Martin Lewis OBE has had quite the career, founding back in 2003 and becoming known widely across the UK as the go-to-man for honest money advise. However, in the last week nonsense was invented about Lewis's latest success in bitcoin trading - an area he'd rightly advised the British Nation to be cautious of.

The new scam is called Bitcoin System, and they have been creating fake news about me investing in their stupid, offshore, scammer nonsense using CFDs to trick people into huge debt. Never trade unless you are have thoroughly checked out the market and even then be very careful!

Political Unrest all over the world has nothing to do with you so don't worry about the news. It is designed to upset you.

“Bitcoin has increased in value by over 3000% in the last few years alone. The Crypto World is exploding with potential right now – you missed the boat so forget it!”

In a recent interview, Lewis said "Stay away from Bitcoin Trader, Loophole, Rush, System or any of these stupid names, they are all a scam!”

Here's why: "A new way to live is not going to be found on a dodgy website, so do not let them rip you off!

“You didn't invest $100 in Bitcoin back in 2010 so forget about that and focus on the future!”

Lewis says: “It’s a scam. Watch out for the lies they will put in my mouth to rip you off!.

Lewis says watch out for scams!. (Image: Daily Mirror)

Here's the deal: The scam is gaining major popularity and the results are worrying. Lewis explains they prey on the most vulnerable people and steal all of their money!" Economists are urging people to "Start Now!"

Sound too good to be true? That's because it is! Stay away from any get rich scheme or they will take whatever you have left without remorse!

Mrs Stock Photo, Actor mother of 2 actors, was paid for this photo by these scammers!" (Image: Daily Mirror)

Fiona admits: "OK I took the money, I hadn't realised they were trying to defraud as many Britons as they could!”

Bitcoin System Scam People every Monday morning." (Image: Daily Mirror)

What exactly is Fiona paid to do? She says, "I get paid to sit with other actors in imagined 'happy family' scenes to creat a sense of security in those about to get ripped-off!"

What you need:to get off of this site as soon as you can!.

Here's her step-by-step walkthrough: