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Your Safe and Profitable Investments

Your Safe and Profitable Investments

Become a stakeholder of Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and TESLA RIGHT NOW!


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Imagine that today your life has completely changed, you don’t need to go to work, you don’t need
to postpone for a rainy day, imagine that you paid all your bills, because every day you earn more than you can spend!
We are TODAY PROFIT , the world's first online financial system. Every user, who has registered and invested the sum starting from 250 GBP, becomes a stakeholder of shares of global corporations and brands such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and TESLA.

“We developed online investments for over 10 years
and achieved great success, as well as our users ... ”

I don't have to worry any longer about the upcoming day at work, like most of my friends and colleagues do. I used to work for a large IT company, but because of the crisis my monthly salary was cut twice. Now I don't care about the date of the paycheck. With TODAY PROFIT , I earn 3 times more every month working only a couple of hours daily from home!


Dundee, 35 years

My husband works hard to give everything our family needs. As much as I want to help him, it is almost impossible with 2 little children I'm taking care of. But a month ago, everything changed thanks to TODAY PROFIT I decided to invest my personal savings in the platform. And after a month I earned 4 times more! Now I'm looking forward to my husband's return from his business trip. I will surprise him with paid bills and new things which I have bought for the house!


Brighton, 29 years

Thanks to the money I earned with TODAY PROFIT, my life has completely changed! I talked with my friend 3 months ago, and he told me about his income that he regularly receives by investing in the platform. I decided not to wait and signed up on the same day. A week later I was shocked that I had earned some money already. In 3 months I completely paid off all my debts. So thanks again to TODAY PROFIT, I hope that tomorrow my financial situation will be even better.


Liverpool, 55 years

Get Started Now!

This is what you get if you invest 250 GBP
or more with TODAY PROFIT:

  • You are the official stakeholder of S&P500!

    S&P500 represents 500 the most successful global corporations in the financial market.

  • Regular money flow to your personal account.

    Companies make profitable deals every day, and you get your percentage!

  • Your money and data are in the safe place.

    From the moment you make your first deposit of 250 GBP, you become a TODAY PROFIT partner and receive full support and legal protection of your data and investments.

The most profitable investment
in the last 3 years!

The fast and reliable way to wealth is to invest in stocks of large growing companies! For example, if today you buy a share for £90, tomorrow its value will increase to £135. Then your profit will be 50% of the invested funds. The stock rises in price, and you earn! We partner the most successful and well-known companies only. After all, only these shares of these 500 companies constantly grow in their value. You can be sure of the success of the portfolio that we have especially collected for you. See the revenue and profit that companies had last 3 years:



+33,53 +6,43%



+1,32 +1,16%



+19,67 +0,63%



+3,75 +1,78%



+7,29 +1,39%



+8,49 +3,16%

The data on capitalization and growth of S&P500 is taken from the official world resource investing.com

S&P500 Companies Growth Analysis

Company 1 day 1 Week 1 month 1 year 3 years
Apple Inc (AAPL) -0,22% -4,85% -1,25% 70,60% 159,72%
Amazon.com Inc (AMZN) 0,63% 0,41% -2,77% 73,52% 162,91%
Facebook Inc (FB) 3,16% 1,82% -0,07% 39,18% 51,50%
Microsoft Corporation
1,78% 1,32% 1,80% 40,67% 156,86%
Netflix Inc (NFLX) 1,31% 0,23% -1,10% 54,53% 146,68%
Nike Inc (NKE) 0,42% 2,33% 4,93% 44,33% 127,07%
PayPal Holdings
Inc (PYPL)
2,58% 8,35% 4,45% 93,97% 162,19%
PepsiCo Inc (PEP) 0,71% 0,45% 4,32% 6,14% 24,27%
Twitter Inc (TWTR) 0,65% 4,38% -7,69% 46,09% 101,74%
Visa Inc Class A (V) 0,73% 0,89% 8,60% 14,86% 87,26%
The data on capitalization and growth of S&P500 is taken from the official world resource investing.com

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