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Register with Bright Investments

To get started you need to register your account with Bright Investments. Once you've done that you will immediately be able to get access to the platform for free.


Fund Your Account

To profit with Bright Investments you'll need some capital. You can start small and build up as your profit grows, to get started you only need to invest £250 or more.


Enjoy Your Profits

Once you're funded you can immediately start enjoying the benefit of the award winning algorithm. The process is totally hands free, although you can switch to the manual option at any time if you prefer.


How much time does this take to set up?

It takes a few seconds to fill in the form and then the boiler room scammers will call you and try to steal your savings using fake investments and highly risky CFDs.

How much does the Bright-Investments platform cost?

Whatever you deposit, you lose.

What is stock investing?

In terms of this website, it means CFDs, Contracts for Differences. Even if the contracts that the unregistered, unregulated, offshore scammers sell you are real, you will lose your money anyway.

How do I get started investing in stocks?

Leave this website and look up a stockbroker in the phonebook who will be able to help you. Arrange a face to face meeting at their offices so you can see who you are dealing with and check the age of their website. It should be at least five years old.

We recommend doing your research and finding a brokerage that caters to your specific needs, making sure the brokerage is regulated by your countries regulatory body.

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