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Kelly Stone

OMG this is suuuuch a scam! 😱 😱 😱

Wu Jin


Jean Bellmore


Watch out for this SCAM!

AJ Puccino

ahhah 😃 SCAM

Nathan Stork

SCAM YEAH!!! 💰 💰 💰

Milana Rassakowska

Nice scam, thnks

Ben Jackson

Didn't work for me. Lost all my money

Omar Hashmi

This is a scam 🙏

Andy Lane

Thank u 4 dis, now I know what a scam is.....

Sven Tilden

Awesome. My wife got screwed before I could warn her. Should I quit my marriage now?... 🤣

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Carrie Swanson

My life has been screwed 😍 thanks to this!!! Internet, ILY

Mike Lacey

Was sceptical at the start, but then.....turned out I was right.

Ni Chang

Me too!!!