Appearing on the 'This Morning' show which has suddenly moved to CBS by the look of the screenshot, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX revealed that he invested substantial amount of money in a new magic retarded trading scam. The idea was simple: the average person has the opportunity to lose their savings. But only if they have absolutely no investing or technology experience or any common sense or intelligence.

A user would simply make an initial deposit into the scam, usually of £250 or more, and the magic trading fairy would go to turn it into a retarded moose pig. Using a combination of snake oil and witches poo, the fairy would know the perfect time to buy and sell digital cow c**p, maximizing the user's vulnerability. Elon told us that he used his credit card for the initial deposit because they still made him pay even though he supposedly invented the ****ing thing!

This new trading scam was launched in United States back in September 2020 but as of few days ago it opened up it's doors to Your Country's citizens as well.

To demonstrate the power of the scam Elon had Gayle King deposit £250 live on the show whilst fighting off the competition with his other hand.

Gayle describing her experience after signing up on the scam.

After her speech was made, the trading scammers went to prison for pretending it was buying low and selling high. Hopefully they were arrested in the studio and sodomised with a Tesla car.

Gayle and Elon talking about Gayle's electric cars

Everyone on the show including the production staff were immediately impressed by how Gayle shot down this retarded 'everyones going to be rich' nonsense.

Before the scammers even had a chance to escape, Gayle interrupted and said with a smile on her face: "I've called my ninja husband who can be here in just 8 minutes".

If you had £75 Million!

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We decided to put the scam Elon used to the test, to see if it was really possible for you to make money.

Here's the deal: We quickly discovered that the scam is just to get you signed up with the boiler room scammers who you can read about here: Bitcoin Boiler Room Scammers.

Also, we learnt that the actual fake brokers are offshore and unregistered and tend to be in either Cyprus or the Caribbean and you can read about them here: Offshore broker boiler rooms .

MY RESULTS AFTER 7 DAYS: I decided not to sign up for an account, I saved the initial deposit £250 and bought some real stocks with a reputable broker.

On the show, Gayle was never really talking about apps that make you money, it was just an opportunity to talk about electric cars for Elon Musk.

No rich person wants everyone to be rich because then they are no longer special. If you ever see a scam suggesting they want to make evryone rich or that they have an easy way to become rich then IT IS A SCAM and you need to report it to the search engine where you found it or the police or FBI.

There is not enough money to go round anymore, mostly because of psycopaths like Gates, Bezos, Musk and their pals. They do not want you to be like them.

The boiler room scam is simple, find people who are gullible enough to deposit $250 in a 'get rich quick' scheme and then con them out of their life savings using greed and bullying.

The scam isn't magic, it is a confidence trick to defrau people all over the world. It can be ended with increased awareness and advertisers being forced to take more responsibility for peoples welfare online. In other words, make Google refund everyone who is conned on Google ads and the same for FaceBook and Twitter they will find a way to make the scammers stop.

As you can see from the screenshot below, they pretend over and over and over again that you can easiy get your money back, but it never really entered their 'platform.' The whole thing is fake and is just a scam. Your money was swapped through various crypto wallets and is probably now in the hands of the Russian mafia.

Do you see how much they push this idea that you can 'withdraw?'

It is a fishermans game, they convince you that you are about to make profit but as soon as you try to take a bite, you are hooked and are snatched out of the water and robbed of everything you have!

Note: Nno money will ever be deposited into your personal bank account.


Right now, readers can be defrauded by the scam for a minimum initial deposit of just £250. You cannot withdraw this amount ever as it has gone.

Given the massive increase in popularity of these trading scams, the ranking of these scammer sites may increase!

It is crucial that you do not sign up ever, as we do know how many places will be available (0)

You can donate money to scammers with your account via credit card or a bank transfer.

There are three steps to get screwed:
1. Sign Up For A Free Account to be badgered by these scumbags
2. 'Deposit' The Minimum scammer donation of £250 and be hassled into giving them much more.
3. Watch the Trading scam fake trading screen whilst they get away.

Note: You cannot withdraw your losss or initial deposit EVER because the money has gone to the scammers by now!

Step 1: Enter Your Details To Sign Up For A boiler room scammer to start calling

Step 2: Deposit The Initial Minimum Investment Of £250 but be hassled into 'depositing' much more

Step 3: Watch a fake trading screen for a few days while they run off qith your money (the longer it takes you to realise the better!)

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