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Bitcoin was developed more than 11 years ago and has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. However, not many people know how it works. That's where Bitcoin Champion can help you.

Who is Bitcoin Champion software suitable for?

Our website, along with our incredibly successful software, provides users with the ability to trade their Bitcoin. Our platform is great for both those who are beginners in the trading world, as well as the super-experienced trading ninjas. Our system has the ability to cater for all!

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin Trading Software

There are many benefits to using Bitcoin trading software. Our platform’s software provides you with these benefits, and in most cases, improves on these benefits for provide you the best suitable trades for you. This is what sets our Bitcoin Champion software technology apart from others.

Trading Rules

Our platform is built on a particular set of rules. A trade is triggered by the system when these particular rules match signals. As the trader, you have the ability to set the settings you wish to use while trading on the platform. We also provide a default setting to those who are newer to the world of trading. Our software monitors the trade and markets based on the rules that have been set and the Bitcoin trading strategy.

Free Service

Bitcoin Champion is equipped with a free Bitcoin trading software for anyone to use. All that is required of you to start using the software is to make an investment into your account, as you need this money to start trading.

Improved Trading Speed

One of the most significant factors in trade outcomes is timing. Before the order can even be placed, the trade falls through when using manual trading. This type of market is known for its volatility. Thankfully, our Bitcoin Champion trading software responds to this volatility in record time.

Timing is everything when trading with cryptocurrency. That's why having access to a fast trading speed is crucial in ensuring you are trading efficiently and getting the best out of your investment. Our software holds the ability to generate orders immediately as the specific trade criteria is met.

Zero Emotions Involved

The emotions involved in conducting crypto trading is limited when using automation. This gives traders the ability to stick to the overall plan. The software doesn’t question a trade when the trade rules have been met.

Having this feature encourages traders who are afraid of pulling out of that specific trade. It also eradicates the option of buying and selling at any and every regarded opportunity.

Multiple Trading

Trying to tackle the task of multiple trading is extremely difficult. However, using software to conduct these multiple trades makes the activity more effective. The software, unlike humans, has the capability to perform these multiple trades very quickly.

Along with this feature, it helps conduct these trades more efficiently. Our multiple trading ability is perfect for those that are wanting to trade professionally. Partaking in multiple trading also gives you the option of applying various strategies at the same time. Thereby, the risk of these trades is spread across several different accounts.

The Drawbacks of Bitcoin Trading Software

There are a variety of advantages to using Bitcoin trading software. However, at Bitcoin Champion, we pride ourselves on providing complete transparency to our members and potential members. Every system has its flaws, even Bitcoin trading software. It's vital for traders to be made aware of these flaws.

Mechanical Failures

Much like anything else that’s made by man, there are possibilities of failure occurring. This is the case for trading software. One example of this is that the trade order could fail to reside on a server. Instead, this trade order resides on a computer. If this is the case, the loss of internet connection can lead to a fall through in the order.


Even when using trading software, some form of monitoring is still required from the user. This is due to the risk of potential technology failures occurring. Some of these technical problems may include a system crash or power loss, connectivity issues, and program bugs.

Another problem that may occur is anomalies. An anomaly is defined as an actual result that differs from the expected result that’s been placed under specific assumptions. Experiencing these anomalies may result in the user obtaining faulty orders in the form of duplicate or missing orders. Nonetheless, monitoring can help to identify and resolve these issues quickly.

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How Our Software Combats These Drawbacks

At Bitcoin Champion, we are passionate traders who have formed this platform to give others the same trading opportunities. We are experts in what we do and have used this expertise to build an incredible platform that allows members to use an effective trading software.

Our experts understand the flaws of using Bitcoin trading software and have applied this knowledge to prevent this from happening.

Regarding experiencing mechanical failures, our team has purposely created a trading software that ensures all trade orders reside on a server. This means that your order isn't going to fall if you lose internet connection. Thereby, this risk is minimized, and in most cases, entirely eliminated.

Our trading software is specifically designed to reduce the risk of system crashes, program bugs, and anomalies. This helps reduce the amount of monitoring you need to conduct each day. A minimum of 20 minutes a day is all that's required when using Bitcoin Champion. Only a small degree of manual labor is needed due to our autopilot feature. You can complete all your necessary daily activities while our trading robot continues to run in the background.

Bitcoin Champion uses one of the most advanced trading software currently available. However, we also understand that technology is expanding at a rapid pace, which means that newer and better quality methods and technology are being created each day. That's why we're always updating our software to ensure that you're gaining the best technology.

We use a trading software that’s state-of-the-art and has an impeccable reputation for being trustworthy, consistent, and infallible.

How We Are Different From Other Trading Software

We offer our members powerful trading technologies. Our software uses artificial intelligence algorithms that process through all of the market noise to generate trading signals.

Our system is intertwined with the best applications and features to provide the most promising opportunities for our members. One fantastic application is Al. Our experts at Bitcoin Champion have brought the powerful qualities of this technology to BTC trading.

The presence of Al in trading has become very popular among many of the top-performing firms on Wall Street. Some of the behemoth investment banks apply Al to their software algorithms.

We put specific measures in place and integrate advanced technology to ensure that all of our members are partaking in trading that's safe and low risk. Our system is built on encryption that's classified as military-grade. Using this advanced technology aids in safeguarding all of our members' data from any hackers.

Unlike most trading platforms, we, at Bitcoin Champion, offer a small initial investment. This is to conduct business that’s in line with our goal of making BTC trading easily accessible and lucrative for everyone.

How Do You Start Trading with Bitcoin Champion?

Step 1: Register for a Free Account

Registration Form
Register for a Free Account

We have created an easy-to-use sign-up process to make signing up with Bitcoin Champion as convenient as possible. Simply fill out the form on our home page and then follow the provided steps to verify your details. Once that is complete, you are then successfully registered with Bitcoin Champion and can move on to step two.

Step 2: Make an Investment of $250

Fund your account
Make an Investment of $250

Trading with Bitcoin requires that you make an investment before you can start the process of creating trade orders and earning a profit on these orders. The minimum amount requested for this seed investment is $250. It’s important to note that this is not a service fee that is taken by Bitcoin Champion. This money is your investment that you initially use to start trading and growing into a more considerable sum.

Step 3: Open a Live Trading Session

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Open a Live Trading Session

You can easily start live trading just by clicking a button. However, to make the most of this opportunity and live trading session, we recommend that you first take advantage of the demo account feature that’s available on our website.

This allows you to practice and understand the fundamentals of the trading settings, as well as get a 'feel' for what it's going to be like when you go into a live session. Our demo account feature is an excellent way for beginners to become familiar with the activity of trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs that Bitcoin Champion charges to its users?

Not at all! We pride ourselves on operating with complete and utter transparency. Our software is free to use. However, there is a commission on profit that is earned through our platform. This is a commission of one percent. We don't charge fees for depositing or withdrawing either.

Is Bitcoin Champion an affiliate marketing scheme or MLM?

Bitcoin Champion is neither an affiliate marketing scheme nor is it an MLM. Our platform is powered through the use of real trading technologies and is used to partake in genuine trading activities. We have been tested by the American Trading Association, as well as other authoritative bodies. Not to mention, we have an astounding number of reviews that have been left by real members who use our platform.

Who can use the Bitcoin Champion software? Do you need to have experience in trading?

Our software is designed to be easy to use for anyone, whether you are a complete beginner or a professional trader. The phrase that says one learns by mistakes is not the case here. You can learn about trading while opening trades and trading them.

The setting up of your trading parameters is exceptionally straightforward and quick to perform. There is no difficulty when working on our platform. We specifically designed our software to include a few settings, which makes it easier to manage. Added to this, we provide a trading guide to introduce you to the world of trading and familiarize yourself with the way our platform works.

We cater to beginners who have no experience in a live trading session. Our platform is equipped with a demo account that beginner traders can use until they feel comfortable and confident enough to start their live trading sessions.

Bitcoin Champion also thinks of our more advanced to expert level traders. You can use our platform to examine how successful you are at trading strategies and analysis. You also have the opportunity of improving your accuracy in the world of trading markets. Our 'manual' mode also provides you with the ability to control your trading activities fully. Otherwise, you can use the 'automated' mode and let Bitcoin Champion’s software generate trade signals to find the best trades and invest on your behalf.

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